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Building Team Engagement and Performance

build high performance teams

  1. First understand yourself and team members, develop talents into competencies.

  2. Then, get to know your team members, their modus operandi to promote better team communication and engagement.

  3. Finally, work on having the right people in the right roles for maximum team performance.

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The Time Tested Asian Personality Profiling System


Our programmes are designed to have everyone discover themselves and bring out the best in them.


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Trilogy®People Performance System

A uniquely Asian Concept for Leadership and Organizational Development.



Are you happy at work and passionate about what you do? Do you wake up every day looking forward to your day at work or are you dragging your feet to work every day? Awareness is the key to defining our job satisfaction in our professional life.

To answer the above questions, we must first understand ourselves, our inborn talents, motivations and passions. Once we know ourselves well, we will then be able to benefit from that knowledge and shape our future.

In the Being Happy and Successful series of books, Janet Yung explores the power of personality assessment based on the time tested Asian Personality Profiling System (Bazi) in the following areas:

To be Happy and Successful at Work and in Your Career, it will involve:

For those who are interested in starting your own business, you will be wondering if you have the characteristics to be an Entrepreneur and who will be part of your WIN team, covered in E-Book 3 : “The Entrepreneur in Your”.


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Know Yourself and Your Team Members to Succeed!

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